Air Power and Siren Training

This course is both a pre-requisite for the HypoSiren course, as well as an excellent stand-alone course for those on a budget. You'll receive the very best posture and breathing instruction available, re-enforced with workout videos and other resources that allow you to train effectively on your own at home. You will also learn how to perform siren training with multiple semi-occluded exercises, primarily the amazing straw phonation in water exercise, as well as the popular lip trill and hum.

You will need a piece of silicon or nylon tubing with which to make your straw phonation in water device. Here are some suggestions:

How to Make Your Straw Phonation in Water Device

At it's simplest, you put a short length of flexible silicone or vinyl tubing into a standard water bottle. You fill the bottle with only a small amount of water. You vocalize through the tube and into the water. Easy peasy.

  • tube length:  14" to 17", or 35cm to 45cm.
  • tube diameter: mine has an outside diameter (OD) of 3/8" (10mm) and an inside diameter (ID) of 5/16" (8mm). It's okay to use tubing slightly larger or small.
  • water height: about 1 1/2" to 3" (4cm to 7cm), with the sweet spot about 2" (5cm). You can vary the water height for different training objectives.

Where to Find Your Silicone Tubing

I found mine at a local hardware store. They had rolls of it and you pay by length. It was cheap. It will last a long, long time.

I live in Brazil and haven't purchased silicone tubing from Amazon. I did search Amazon and if you copy and paste these phrases below, several good options will turn up.

Possible Search Phrases to use at places like

  • silicon tubing 8mm by 10mm
  • silicon tubing 5/16" ID 3/8" OD

It's okay to buy more than you need. They're inexpensive. I keep one in the car and one in the house. I've built them for friends. They make great presents.

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