My 2 Favorite Singing Transformation Exercises


I used to do so many different types of vocal exercises to so many different types of piano scales. Much of it was experimentation to find what works best. Yet, much of it was an errant belief that "more is better".

Today, I train with two simple and powerful workouts. One is completely silent (breath training) and one uses a simple vocal exercise called a "siren". They fit together such that when I do the vocal exercises, I combine it everything from the silent training.

Yes, I will occasionally add other exercises or use different scales. For example, I love the trill and humm.

Yet most of the time, I do a 15 minute silent breathing workout a few mornings each week. This is the training that involves the hypopressive inhale (vacuum) training.

Then, also, three to four times each week I do 30 to 45 minutes of semi-occluded exercises to siren scales. I warm up with lip trill and humm and the rest of the time is on straw phonation and water.

I explain more in the video.

What’s The Takeaway?

I have a lot more to share about these two workouts and how they fit so perfectly together. Make sure to follow the Youtube channel and to opt-in to the email list to receive notice of new content.

Be well,
Joe Naab, Vocal Nebula

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