Singing Analogies | Singing and Learning to Golf

I don’t know how many of you have played golf or taken golf lessons. I did when I was much younger. Learning to sing in the way that I do, and the way that I now teach it, reminds me so much of learning to golf.

As you may have seen in my video about learning to play the voice as a musical instrument, there are about a dozen moving parts in the vocal instrument that we must learn to master. There are also about a dozen parts of the body that must be mastered when learning to golf. Some involve small muscles, just like the tiny muscles we use when singing.

Another similarity between these two is that you may feel that you move backwards a little at first because things that we so automatic must be changed. We must learn to do things in ways that are unfamiliar to us. It is only after repeated vocal training that we develop a “new swing”, so to speak, or a new way to sing.

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