Signing Analogies | Learning to Sing and Cyclops from X-Men

This analogy is dear to my heart because it well represents what I’ve gone through in my own vocal training. I have a strong voice and care to sing with a lot of strength and power. However, most of my life I sang without any proper training. I felt like Cyclops from X-Men before he found Xavier and was taught how to focus the intense power coming out of his eyes.

So much of vocal training is about learning to focus and direct the sonic energy we create in the voice box. Unfocused, we are only yelling. Our vowels lose containment, pressure builds, singing becomes uncomfortable and the listener hears this. When we learn, with great vocal exercises and vocal training, how to place this powerful sonic energy properly in the resonation chamber of our head, it becomes focused and pleasing to the ear. It is also much easier to do and tension-free when done properly. I speak from personal experience!

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