The Two Types of Voice Coaches


You’ll get different answers to this question, even from reputable coaches who have been teaching for decades.

The titles, “voice coach”, “voice teacher”, “singing coach”, “vocal coach” are, for the most part, used interchangeably. Coaches will argue that there’s a standard practice, but they can’t agree on what it is.

Complicating matters is that the name of the service they offer is just as vague,—”voice lessons”, or “singing lessons”.

I’ve had an insight that makes it easy to understand why we need two types of coaching as well as when in our journey we need one or the other the most. I share it in the above video.


Unlike all other musical instruments, the singer is both the player and the instrument itself.

Unlike other instruments, the voice is organic, shape-shifting, with many moving parts. Any or all of the instrument can fall into disrepair.

So, as the player who performs the instrument, you might one day need a performance coach.

If your singing is off, you likely have problems with the instrument that no amount of performance coaching can fix. You need a coach that gives you workouts you can do at home to rehabilitate, strengthen and coordinate the instrument. These are harder to find.

What’s The Takeaway?

Always begin with an emphasis on fixing the instrument. Find a great set of exercises. Build your workouts. Set aside regular times to train.

Your performance will improve without performance lessons. Most performance problems are rooted to problems with the instrument. Fix the instrument first.

Be well,
Joe Naab, Vocal Nebula

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