Singing Tips | Internal Singing Volume is Lower with Better Technique


Singing Tips

In today’s singing tip we talk about something that seems counter-intuitive. We think that as we improve as singers and are better able to belt and sing with strength, that we will hear ourselves as sounding louder. In fact, the opposite is true.

Bad singing technique, which we all go through when we start with our vocal training, tends to produce a lot of sonic turbulence in the mouth, throat and nasal passages. This turbulence is absorbed by bone and tissue and some of it travels to the ears internally. In addition to hearing this sound that travels through us internally, we are, of course, also hearing the sound we make out in the room that comes in through our ears. These two sources of sound combine to make us sound very loud internally.

However, as our technique improves there is much less sonic turbulence in the resonator (your head). This results in lower how loud we hear ourselves, and is true even if our external sound is actually louder. I’ve experienced this during my own growth as a vocalist. The better our singing technique, even when we are making sound at a higher volume, the lower the volume will be to us internally.

Why this is important to know is that, without knowing, we make actually intentionally sing with bad technique so that we sound louder to ourselves, because we think this is better. So be on the lookout for this as your voice develops.

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