Singing Tips | How to Do Tongue Circles for AMAZING Results


Today’s singing tip is one of my three all-time favorites. It involves circling the tongue both clockwise and counter-clockwise inside the mouth, but on the outer face of the teeth (see the video). Do this until the muscles in your neck, tongue and face begin to fatigue and you feel a burning sensation. I sometimes take it to the point of pain because this is when I see the best results.

The results are so obvious and so amazing that I do these off and on every night during my vocal training and my song work. Once you’ve done it to full fatigue once in the evening, which might take a couple of minutes, you can repeat it off and on during the night and it won’t take as long to reach the same point of burning sensation.

What I notice is that my voice is more open and full. Every aspect of singing gets easier and sounds better. I can navigate my difficult passages so much better. I sing louder better and softer better, too. It’s simply amazing! Give it a try.

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