Singing Tips | How to do the Finger Circle


Today’s singing tip will help your vocal folds come together more easily (this is called “glottal compression”) to strengthen and focus your sound. You will make a circle with your thumb and forefinger, like an “Okay” sign, and place it over your mouth while you are doing your vocal exercises or while singing songs. See the video to learn how I do it.

Sometimes I forget about this tip and I’m always happy when I remember to do it. I’m always surprised by how quickly my sound strengthens and my tone improves. I think it works because we have an inhibitory reaction that causes our lips to widen and tense. When we use the finger circle, our lips “purse”, or “pucker”, a small amount and so our sound and focus stays forward, without pulling back.

As with all of our singing tips, it’s best to try it for yourself. Experiment during vocal exercises and while singing songs. Move the position around. Keep your fingers up against your lips and also pull the circle a little bit away from your lips. Have fun!

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