Singing Tips | A Must Have Tool for Vocal Training

Today’s singing tip suggests that you purchase a midi keyboard for your home or studio where you do your vocal training. The keyboard has become an essential tool for me in my efforts to develop my voice.

One reason it’s so important to me is that I spend a lot of time “tinkering” after I’ve completed my 30-45 minute vocal workout using the piano scales on mp3 files. Sometimes I want to run a full four octaves on a siren or work a half-octave section of my voice up and down, up and down, over and over. I can do this at the keyboard.

Even when I’m in the song-singing part of my evening, I will take breaks to return to the keyboard to work a few minutes on different vocalizing exercises. It’s an indispensable tool and can be had for the price of a single voice lesson. You will use it for years and years.

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