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Every month there are hundreds of thousands of people worldwide searching online for the best way to learn how to sing better as fast as possible. Yet one of the craziest things I’ve noticed in my years of studying the voice is that the vast majority of voice coaches do NOT give there students vocal training exercises to do in between lessons. At best, they advise them to bring a recorded to the lesson, tape the lesson, and then play back the lesson at home to train along to it. There’s a problem with this.

A singing lesson is not a vocal workout! It’s an evaluation of how you are vocalizing and singing songs. Yes, singing lessons are useful, but never as a substitute for regular vocal workouts that you do at home several times each week.

The way I like to phrase this is to say that, “the voice improves as a result of what you do between singing lessons“. Nothing could be more true that this. You’ll get some nice guidance and a few tips at a singing lesson, but this is near useless if you don’t apply it to a dedicated vocal training workout that you do several times each week. Vocal workouts and vocal training are simply they way the voice improves.

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