The Best Exercises to Solve Your Vocal Problems


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How to Make Your Straw Phonation in Water Device (Your "Bubbler")

I was able to find rolls of tube of different diameters at a local hardware store where you pay by the meter. You can also find rolls online. There are many websites now selling pre-made devices, though it’s much cheaper to make your own.

  • Silicone or vinyl or teflon tube length:  14″ to 17″, or 35cm to 45cm.
  • Tube diameter: An outside diameter of 3/8″ (10mm) and an inside diameter of 5/16″ (8mm). It’s okay to use tubing slightly larger or small.
  • Water height: About 1 1/2″ to 3″ (4cm to 7cm), with the sweet spot about 2″ (5cm). You can vary the water height for different training objectives.

Possible Options for Silicone Tubing at

These aren’t affilate links! I searched Amazon and this is what turned up. I haven’t purchased any of them. I live in south Brazil.

It’s okay to buy more than you need. They’re inexpensive. I keep one in the car and one in the house. I’ve built them for friends. They make great presents.

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