Singing Tips | Wag Your Head to Release Tension


Today’s Singing Tip

Often, when we are in the middle of a vocal exercise and climbing in pitch, different parts of our body tend to become tense and rigid. One way to relieve this tension is to slowly turn the head from side to side while vocalizing. This forces the neck muscles to relax. When the neck muscles relax the muscles of the jaw and tongue tend to relax as well. This is what we want, to sing tension-free in the neck, tongue and jaw area.

Another similar singing tip not mentioned in the video, is that you can also roll your shoulders forwards and backwards to keep the upper torso from becoming too rigid. Every little bit helps. Stay loose, just not so loose that you lose to good muscle support in the lower pelvic region.

This is one of our greatest challenges as singers and voice artist,—too keep some muscles very active while other muscles must remain relaxed and inactive. Little tips like these can go a long way in our vocal training  to accelerate our improvement.

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