Singing Analogy | Vocal Harmonics and Skipping a Stone on a Pond

We learn about the vocal harmonic series in today’s singing analogy by comparing harmonics to skipping a stone on a pond.

When we sing a note, we don’t just create a tone at the exact frequency that we sing. As this note resonates in our throat and head, other tones at specific higher frequencies are created as well. This is called the harmonic series.

What’s most important to know is that it’s the harmonics that give us the richness and complexity of tone that we desire. They are also what gives each of us our “signature sound”.

An important part of vocal training is to learn how to create complex harmonics by the way we vocalize. Sometimes this is called creating “ring”, or a “metallic” sound. Some call it “twang”. This subject will be covered in greater detail in future posts.

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