A Little-Known Singing Tip to Help You Sing in Tune

Quick Tip to Sing in Tune

Credit for this great tip goes to my voice coach, Claudia. I learned this only two weeks ago and it’s simple and fantastic.

We get into trouble as singers when there’s too much unnecessary activity in the mouth and throat. When we speak, we’re often very active in the mouth and our consonants can be heavy and clumsy. When we sing, especially high notes, consonants become one of our worst enemies. We shape them as if we are speaking and this is felt in the mouth region. It’s one of the main causes of bad pitch, usually singing out of tune in the flat direction.

The Solution to Singing on Pitch

This is, of course, one of many techniques to help you sing in tune. The trick is to form your consonants at or slightly above the point of your fatty cheekbones, and shown in the video. Yes, it is the tongue, lips and jaw that create the consonant, but when you imagine the consonant to be created at the cheek bones, sort of dropping in down from above, you will begin to strike the consonants much more delicately, and this will improve your pitch quickly.

The higher you go in pitch the more careful you have to be in your selection and modification of vowels and consonants. Strike your consonants as light as possible and bring them down from above, at about the area of your cheekbones. Give this a try and let me know how it works for you.

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