My Daily Vocal Training Workout to Sing Better Faster


Continuing along the discussion of the best vocal training exercises, I share here my favorite daily vocal training workout. My rate of singing improvement has never been faster.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor or voice therapist, and I’m not your voice coach! I’m not saying go out and do this. It’s too much work for a beginner, for example. I don’t know what level you’re at. This is meant to give you an example of what someone, a very intense someone, has come to do after nearly seven years of dedicated studies and in-home training.

In this video episode of Voice Building Junkies, I share the following:

  • The SOVT exercises I do every day.
  • The order I do them in.
  • What vocal scales and range of notes I do them to.
  • How I might break the workout into smaller workouts.
  • The nomenclature I use to build a workout.


Over the years I’ve become a mad scientist in my training. I’m constantly looking for an edge. I want to get better at singing as fast as possible.

As such, this might be called my “core” workout, in more ways than one. I mean both “core”, as in “most often”, and “core” as in I use this workout to train the core shape from which all vowels and consonants are derived.

I’m also training my breath engine for singing as well as the pitch and dynamics of the vocal folds.

I create on the fly. If I become hyper-aware of a particular problem to solve, I will adapt on the fly. I might:

  • Change the type of vocal scale being used.
  • Keep the same vocal scale but choose a version that covers a different range of my voice.
  • Repeat an exercise over and over, or swap one for the other.
  • Do the exact same everything, but change where I focus my attention.

And, yes, I’ll do open-mouth vowel work, too. I like to train the top vowel layer, the OO-EE layer. It’s fundamental to all vowels.

Everything else is in the video!

What to do Next

I’d suggest you be sure to read all my newest posts. They are related to each other and build upon the concepts presented post by post. As a whole, they’ll give you a more accurate bigger picture view of my approach to vocal training and voice building. Next week I’ll be covering aspects of breathing for singing.

Be well and enjoy your day,

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